In June 2024, the Basque Country comes to life with a diverse range of Basque culture events that will delight your senses and immerse you in ancient and modern traditions. From contemporary art exhibitions at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao to concerts by renowned artists at the Arriaga Theater, there is something for every luxury and culture enthusiast.

Bilbao and Vitoria-Gasteiz offer exhibitions by artists such as Martha Jungwirth and Néstor Basterretxea, as well as concerts ranging from dramatic opera to the fusion rock of Maná. Meanwhile, in Guipúzcoa, a unique showcase of Basque fashion and art awaits you at the Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Chillida‘s birth, along with music and surf festivals at San Sebastian‘s iconic Zurriola Beach.

In June, the Basque religious and maritime figure Andrés Urdaneta embarked on the first round trip between Asia and America, passing away three years later in the same month. Another Basque named Andrés, known as the spiritual father of Hemingway and hailing from Mundaka, also passed away in June; his foundational letters were received by the cities of Bilbao and Portugalete, coinciding with the Battle of Vitoria, where Napoleon suffered his first major defeat.

The Basque LGBTQ+ community celebrates various activities in June, including Bilbao Gay Pride 2024, events, seminars, and concerts. In Spain, June 30th commemorates the anniversary of the same-sex marriage law. Two noteworthy LGBTQ+ leisure options in Bilbao throughout the year include the Fellini Cabaret shows at Pub Badulake every Friday and Asier Bilbao‘s performances at Pub Key every Friday and Saturday.

If you desire to experience a unique perspective on Basque culture, history, and gastronomy, don’t hesitate to embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure in the Basque Country in June 2014 with Aitor Delgado Tours as your expert guide!


Basque culture in Bilbao and Biscay 

  • Signs and Objects: Pop Art from the Guggenheim Collection. In addition to historical pieces from the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the exhibition will include a selection of new work by contemporary artists exploring the legacy of pop. From February 16th to September 19th.
  • Vascular exposition, by June Crespo. Perspective on her work. Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. From March 1st to June 9th.
  • King Arthur, by British composer Henry Purcell. Dramatic opera or semi-opera. Belgian group Vox Luminis. Arriaga Theater. June 1st.
  • All Zarzuela. Soprano Marina Monzó and tenor Ismael Jordi. Romanzas and zarzuela duets by the most representative great masters of this lyrical genre. Arriaga Theater. June 2nd.
  • Martha Jungwirth. Perspective on her work between abstract expressionism and informalism. Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. From June 7th to September 22nd.
  • ‘To everything yes’: 25 years of apprenticeship. Malú in concert. Euskalduna Bilbao. June 8th.
  • HENKO: The best film music in concert. Film Symphony Orchestra. Euskalduna Bilbao. June 15th.
  • Yoshitomo Nara. Exhibition covers Nara’s entire career from its beginnings. Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. From June 28th to November 3rd.
  • Gospel Bilbao in concert. Music is not only heard, it is also experienced. Campos Eliseos Theater. June 29th.
  • Maná – Mexico Lindo y Querido Tour. Fusion of rock, folk, pop, ska, reggae and funk. Bizkaia Arena – Bilbao Exhibition Centre, Barakaldo. June 29th.
  • Hot Night. The spiciest show with the most important songs in the history of cabaret on Broadway. Campos Eliseos Theater. June 30th.


Basque culture events in Vitoria-Gasteiz and Alava in June 2024

  • Basterretxea exhibition in the archive. It delves into his work from a documentary perspective in his film production, and in the presentation of the artist’s digital archive, after the donation made to the museum by his family. Artium Museoa. From May 10th to September 22nd.
  • ‘Lights, music and action’: Concert by the Vitoria Municipal Band. 3 silent films that were shown with live music. Principal Theater. June 5th.
  • Dutilleux/Strauss. Euskadiko Orkestra – Basque Country Symphony Orchestra and the Basque soprano Elena Sancho Pereg. Principal Theater. June 6th.
  • Fauré. Requiem. Samaniego Choir, Aitor Olea, organ. Vitoria-Gasteiz Chamber Series. Jesús Guridi Conservatory of Music. June 9th.
  • At your side, a musical with Los Secretos. Tribute to the legendary Spanish group. Principal Theater. June 13th & 14th.
  • Melendi: 20 years without news. New tour of the singer-songwriter. Buesa Arena in Vitoria-Gasteiz. June 15th.
  • ARF Azkena Rock Festival of Vitoria-Gasteiz. One of the most important rock festivals in Spain, specialized in underground bands. From June 20th to 22nd.
  • From England with love. Dance. A tribute to this country, combining the impressive sounds of English composers, faced with furious rock and echoes of choirs and electronics, creating an avant-garde cacophony. Principal Theater. June 21st.
  • Tribute to Puccini and Fauré. Recital by the Basque soprano Ainhoa Arteta accompanied by Javier Carmena on the piano. Cycle of Great Concerts in Vitoria. Principal Theater. June 22nd.
  • The time between seams, the musical. Based on the novel of the same name by María Dueñas. He achieved great success and public response on his tour of all the theaters in Spain. Principal Theater. From June 27th to 30th.
  • Exhibition Basque cosmogonic series, by Nestor Basterretxea. Montehermoso Cultural Center of Vitoria-Gasteiz. From June 27th to September 29th.


Enjoy Basque culture activities in San Sebastian and Gipuzkoa in June 2024

  • Exhibition “Balenciaga. Character”, 3rd part. Perspective of the couturier’s work, never before seen, and focused on what makes “a Balenciaga” recognizable. Cristobal Balenciaga Museum. From March 1st to January 19th, 2025.
  • “Jesús Uriarte. Chillida lanean” exhibition. Photographic exhibition about Chillida and his work, according to his friend and collaborator Uriarte. Artegunea Hall of Kutxa Fundazioa. Tabakalera. From March 15th to June 30th.
  • “Chillida / Balenciaga – Fold the shape” exhibition. Within the framework of the centenary of Eduardo Chillida. Guipuzcoans, friends and with a common philosophical base between the sculptor of air and the couturier of space. Cristobal Balenciaga Museum. From March 22nd to January 5th, 2025.
  • 100 years. The modern and/or the contemporary. Basque art from the 1920s to the present. San Telmo Museum. From April 13th to December 30th.
  • “Basterretxea in Irún (1957-1975)” exhibition. Focused on his most experimental artistic production. Menchu Gal Room of the Irun City Council. From April 19th to July 21st.
  • Temporary exhibition “100 years of Eduardo Chillida with the Telefónica Collection“. Collaboration with Telefonica, Fundaciontef and Chillida100 in the years of the artist’s Centennial. Chillida Leku Museum. From May 15th to October 13th.
  • The port tavern. Zarzuela by Pablo Sorozábal. Sasibill Lyric Association. Victoria Eugenia Theater, San Sebastián. June 1st and 2nd.
  • Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester. One of the Principal  youth orchestras in the world. Kirill Petrenko of the Berlin Philharmonic conducts. Kursaal, San Sebastian. 5th June.
  • Getxophoto. Getxo International Image and Photography Festival. Exploration and experimentation of unconventional formats, supports and spaces to display images. From June 6th to 30th.
  • WAXDAYZ, 3rd. surf and music festival. Surf competitions, good music with a DJ set and guest artists, excellent atmosphere. Zurriola Beach, San Sebastián. June 7th, 8th & 9th.
  • The evolution of Basque fashion from the 18th to the 20th centuries. Basque Costume Museum in Rentería. Baroque building Kapitain Etxea. From June 24th to December 31st.

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April 22, 2024