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I was born and I grew in the Basque Country in a family willing to travel in a time when it was not so common in the Basque Country to travel outside of Spain for holidays.

Originally, my training was in Science. I studied Chemistry in Universidad de País Vasco (Basque Country University) of Bilbao and then I moved to United Kingdom to study Forensic & Analytical Chemistry. With this background, my career started in Quality Control and as a scientist in a Basque Technological & Research Center. It was a very interesting work where I learned how to research and I started then to love the pleasure of finding compelling information that it would be so good for me in the future. After that, I started working as Export Area Manager for a private company, whilst doing this, I realized that I loved to take my clients to surprising places or sites that would have been hard for them to find on their own.

It was then that the financial and economic crisis of the end of 2000s hit the Basque economy and I was fired. I took advantage of this situation to develop something relate with my talents and skills. One of the things that my partner, family & friends have always admired from me is the eloquence and ability I have to organize, show and explain destinations we have traveled to. Having this in consideration, it was easy to find out the kind of work that I should focus on: becoming a tour guide.

Basque Country Tour Guide

We started with a concept “tailor-made personalized and private tours” that it was totally new in the French and Spanish Basque Country, focusing in luxury travelers for individuals and companies. The best of my work as tour guide nowadays is that it allows me to continue enjoying best of my country and it also allows me to enjoy the different people that come to visit us. And it is thanks to these people reviews on their social media: TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google, Twitter…and the articles by journalists and writers of United States, United Kingdom, Chile, Turkey, India…that we have a remarkable position in the market that has allowed us to receive several international awards and that has allowed us to select year after year the best suppliers and collaborators to show a region which is unknown even for many locals..

Thankfully, my dream of making a new friend each day, it has come true. Do you want to be one of them?

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