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“Aitor Delgado”

Basque Country, Spain. 2020.
Basque Luxury Magazine.

Aitor Delgado Tours with Hella Basque in Chillida leku

“Sightseeing in the Basque Country with Aitor Delgado Tours”

November, 2019.
by Hella Basque blogger.

Basque Luxury Magazine 2019

“Aitor Delgado”

Basque Country, Spain. 2019.
Basque Luxury Magazine.

Basque Luxury Magazine 2019

“Aitor Delgado”

Basque Country, Spain. 2018.
Basque Luxury Magazine.

Hella Basque logo

“How to get travel tips from locals in the Basque Country, even if you don´t know any”

June 28th, 2018
Hella Basque web.

La Tercera Chile newspaper logo

“The Basque Country is a temptation”

by Gonzalo Argandoña. May, 2018.
La Tercera. Chilean newspaper.

“Bilbao and San Sebastián closely”

by Regis St Louis. 2018
Tourism Guide – Lonely Planet.

“At Vitoria”

by Marcia Riman Selz. USA, 2018.

“Notes from Spanish Diary”

by Ranjita Biswas. India. 2017
Personal travel book.

“Schrodingers God”

by Hugh Greene. UK, 2017.
Black Novel.

The Culture Trip logo

“The best walking tour of Bilbao”

by Esme Fox. February 28th, 2017.
In Culture Trip web.

“The charm of the Basque coast”

by Gonzalo Argandoña. June, 2015.
in Revista Mujer – La Tercera. Chile.

Tribune India digital newspaper logo

“The signature architecture of Bilbao”

by Ranjita Biswas. April 12th, 2015.
In The Tribune – India.

Travel tales ok Live logo

“Spain – Bilbao, The Basque Country with Els and Sherry for Breakfast”

by Sue Slaght. December 9th, 2014.
In Travel Tales of Live web.

The Rest Less Road logo

“Rioja and Laguardia – Wine and Basque Country”

by Chandra Jacobs. May 25th, 2104.
In The Restless Road web.

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