In addition to the clients, the collaboration with Basque Luxury has been key to the successes of my brand Aitor Delgado Tours, which is why I want to highlight it with this article. I started working with Basque Luxury with certain misgivings, as I always do when I start something. My natural impulse to cooperate, to care for others, to love my Basque land, to tourism and to the typical efficiency of our culture, helped me overcome those fears of risk and the new. Luckily, and thanks to the desired work of both parties, those fears have disappeared.

Without a doubt, sharing common values such as exclusivity, quality, personalization, service, have served us well… but also excellent cooperation!


What is Basque Luxury?

It is a personal initiative of the entrepreneur Joanes Mathiuet with the aim of solving two major shortcomings that he detected in the luxury sector of the Basque Country. Before 2015, there was no place where you could jointly know the offer for foreign and Spanish tourists, and the Basques themselves who consume in this sector. There was also no space for collaboration between companies, initiatives, artisans, artists, hotels, other accommodations, agencies, tourist guides, transportation… dedicated to the premium and Basque luxury market. This occurred not only in the Spanish part of the Basque Country, but also in the French part, and of course, between both areas.

It is gratifying to find a group of economic and social collaboration where common values and interests are shared with other establishments in the sector. In addition, a story of business entrepreneurship is shared that is common to many of the members of this group, among others!

If there is something that has surprised me and I really liked about this group, it is the Basque conception of the luxury sector. Basque Luxury is not characterized by exalting the old concept of luxury associated with opulence. It is an association where beauty, aesthetics, knowing how to be, friendship, cooperation, the word given, health, the environment, the love of nature,… is present because it is consubstantial with its members and with the Basque society. Experiential luxury is one of our hallmarks, as I have heard Joanes say. Gastronomic uniqueness, an authentic ancestral culture, indigenous Basque art and a high level of quality of life attest to this.

Basque Luxury annually selects establishments that meet the standards of excellence and that belong to the Basque Country. You can also find among its members renowned wineries from Rioja, and some establishments from Navarra. In addition to meeting these requirements, they are visited before being accepted as members.

To meet its objectives, the company has been launching new initiatives, from the well-known Basque Luxury Magazine to a range of air and land transportation services such as Basque Luxury Travel Service, Basque Luxury Private Jet and Basque Luxury Helicopter. On the Basque Luxury website and social networks you can obtain first-hand information about these brands and their high-end services, and updated information from all their members.


Aitor Delgado Tours in Basque Luxury Magazine.

Aitor Delgado Tours has had an interrupted presence in Basque Luxury Magazine in the Activities section since 2018.

The first articles from 2018 to 2021 focused on the benefits of private and custom tours created by the client with my support. And in the benefits of the Basque Country as a tourist destination, especially in visits to cities such as Bilbao, San Sebastián, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Biarrtiz or Bayonne, to towns such as Guernica, Sara, Laguardia…, to museums and galleries, the history of the Basque Jews, local gastronomy, the beautiful coasts and mountains, or the oldest traditions… among others.

Once everyone has recovered from the effects of the pandemic, starting in 2023 I have begun to launch different local and universal themes that could interest my clients. Topics such as the automotive industry, sustainability, and illustrious Basque and international figures who have been related to the Basque Country, have expanded the range of possible options. Of course, each new topic is only released when I already have a domain of knowledge and experiences that allow me to achieve the required excellence.

For those interested, I present the titles and links (click on the photo) to each of the articles:

Aitor Delgado: the guide who will show you the corners of the Basque Country frequented by Hemingway, Picasso, Woody Allen, John Adams, and Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

2024. Aitor Delgado: the guide who will show you the corners of the Basque Country frequented by Hemingway, Picasso, Woody Allen, John Adams, and Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

Basque Luxury web 2023 - Aitor Delgado Tours a luxury host for you to get to know the Basque Country

2023. Aitor Delgado: a luxury host for you to get to know the Basque Country from top to bottom (and on wheels). Automotive and Sustainability Topic in the Basque Country.












Basque Luxury Magazine 2022 - The Basque Government, Tripadvisor & Luxury Travel Awards reward the work of guide Aitor Delgado

2022. The Basque Government, Tripadvisor and Luxury Travel Awards reward the work of guide Aitor Delgado.

Basque Luxury Magazine 2021 - The best guide in the Basque Country takes us to get to know his land from a new perspective.

2021 – The best guide in the Basque Country takes us to get to know his land from a new perspective.












Basque Luxury Magazine 2020 - TripAdvisor adds guide Aitor Delgado to its “Hall of Fame”

2020 – TripAdvisor adds guide Aitor Delgado to its “Hall of Fame”

Basque Luxury Magazine 2019 - The Basque cicerone - Aitor Delgado Tours

2019 – The Basque cicerone – Aitor Delgado Tours.











Of course, if you are interested in taking a tour designed by you in the Basque Country and in the company of whoever you define, contact me. In this post and on the website you will only see possible options, but if you don’t see yours, don’t worry, tell me about them.


Collaborations with members of Basque Luxury

I am very clear that the results obtained by Aitor Delgado Tours have been possible due to the support of many suppliers and Basque tourism institutions, with the same weight that I have received from clients, and also from my own efforts. Museums, hotels, restaurants, wineries, bars, rural houses, artisans, clothing stores, ice cream parlors, Basque government…and many more. I am very grateful to everyone for their collaboration.

My clients are very selective and mostly stay in the main hotels and accommodations in the Basque Country, which of course are Basque Luxury. I am distinguished using my services by those who stay at Casa Cosme Palacio, Hotel Marqués de Riscal, Hotel Carlton Bilbao, Palacio Arriluce, Nobu Hotel San Sebastian, Gran Hotel Domine, Hotel María Cristina, Hotel Miró, Hotel Iturregi, Hotel du Palais, Palacio de Samaniego, Hotel Viura, Hotel Tayko Bilbao, Hotel Villa Soro, London and England Hotel, Hotel Arbaso, Lasala Plaza Hotel, Hotel Akelaré, Hotel Arrizul Congress, Arima Hotel, Abba San Sebastián and The Houses EA Astei.

Many clients admire the quality and know the jewelry tradition of San Sebastián, which is why they prefer Casa Munoa Jewelry and Echeverría Jewelry. The Manila San Sebastián clothing store and the Aldabaldetreku Tailor Shop cannot be missed on luxury shopping tours. Lovers of painting and sculpture admire Basque artists Iñigo Manterola and Miguel Balliache, both with workshops ready to see and do. And Joseba Lekuona Yaben, who is one of the few sculptors who still uses stone in an artistic way; talent that has existed since the times of the dolmens and cromlechs in these lands.

With the Spirit Experiences sailboat, the custom luxury experience is guaranteed and you acquire something of the maritime spirit of the Basques. They also perfect their high aesthetic and emotional level with the works of master Eduardo Chillida in the magnificent Chillidaleku Museum. Other experiences can be done with Aitor Delgado Tours, but I only mention here those that are under the umbrella of Basque Luxury.

A thousand thanks to Joanes and my colleagues at Basque Luxury for your respect and love, but especially for allowing me to collaborate with your businesses, my tours services and be part of your lives. You are my favorite jewels of the Basque Country.

May 8, 2024