Agenda of traditions, arts, music, sports, events and exhibitions. Vitoria-Gasteiz & Alava province in May 2021.

We have selected those leisure activities that take place in Vitoria-Gasteiz & Alava in May 2021, that a traveler, tourist, commercial visitor or foreigner can fully enjoy. Theater plays, cultural, sporting or social events focused on local audiences, among others, are not suggested.

Please note that some of the events below may change due to regulations to control Covid-19.

Arts, congresses y exhibitions in Vitoria-Gasteiz in May 2021:

  • Windows to the Basque art collection” between the years 1850-1950. Artists who introduced the new artistic languages -impressionism, symbolism or Fauvism- in the Basque Country, after passing through Paris and other European capitals. Museum of Fine Arts of Álava. From January 17th, 2020 until September 26th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Exhibition of the Bilbao painter Fernando García Alegría (1895 – 1952). 2020 marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of “Fernando”. Museum of Fine Arts of Álava. Until May 25th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Ignacio Figueroa, Marquis of Villamejor“. A portrait by Joaquín Bárbara y Balza: life and work of an artista recovered [1867–1931]. Museum of Fine Arts of Álava. From September 25th, 2020 until September 12th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Juncal Ballestín. Life as an exercise. A selection of best pieces of Juncal Ballestin. Ballestín’s work is characterized by the plurality of materials, media and techniques used: painting, drawing, installation, video, graphic work… all of them structured in series such as the one entitled Painting. Apology, 1975-2013. Artium Museum. From January 29th until May 16th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Expo: Basque artistic and cultural practices from 1977 to 2002. Artium Center. From February 8th to December. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Expo: Bigarren bidea (Second way). Basque women’s artists from 1977 to date. Artium Center. From March 5th to December. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
Expo Second Way. Artium Center, Vitoria-Gasteiz May 2021

Expo Second Way. Artium Center, Vitoria-Gasteiz

  • Playing cards women producers: A living memory. The work carried out by these women stands out. Museo Fournier de Naipes de Álava. From March 24th until January 31st, 2022. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Katinka Bock. “Logbook (invitations and routes)”. First exhibition dedicated to the Frankfurt am Main artist in Spain. Artium Center. From March 27th to September 12th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Jalgi! Voice Festival. Diverse, interdisciplinary and innovative proposals to broaden horizons and bring lyrical and classical music closer. From April 15th until June 13th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • June Crespo exhibition: helmets. In her pieces, Crespo works from sculpture with a language that refers to the body and its relationships with architecture. Artium Museum. Until May 2nd. In Vitoria-Gasteiz. 
  • India, from Rajasthan to Benares, passing through Calcutta. Conference organized by the Catalina de Erauso Art Club. Kutxa Kultur (Tabakalera, 4th floor). May 4th. In San Sebastian.
  • AVANZA – IV Professional Training Fair of Álava. Ikaslan Araba and Egibide. Europe Conference Center. May 4th, 5th and 6th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Book Fair. Juan de Urrutia Square. From May 5th to 9th. In Amurrio.
  • Jazz Vital. 5 concerts with musical groups from the Jesús Guridi Conservatory, the Udaberria Music School, the Musikene Higher Music Center of the Basque Country and the Luis Aramburu Municipal School of Music. Fundación Vital Kulturanea (Dendaraba). From May 6th until June 3rd. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Kor`sia: Giselle. Eleven dancers and the original music of Adolphe Adam will represent this game of mirrors, of dualities that is this Giselle. Principal Theater. May 7th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Alava School of Young Bertsolaris 2021. From May 7th to 25th. In Salvatierra, Legutiano, Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Poets in May – IX International Poetry Festival. Seminars, recitals, concerts, displays of visual poetry, popular readings … Various locations. From May 7th to 29th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • TEDxVitoriaGasteiz Congress. Let’s explore the uncertainty. Europe Conference Center. May 8th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
Tedex Congress in Vitoria-Gasteiz, May 2021

TEDxVitoriaGasteiz Congress

  • Living room music. Four interpreters are surprised by the quarantine in an apartment. Production of the Music Classroom of Euskadiko Orkestra. Principal Theater. May 9th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Paco Ibáñez in concert. “Clarity, do not leave my eyes … he hears, behind my words, the cry of the men who cannot speak.” Principal Theater. May 14th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Zurrunbilo 2021 – Basque Contemporary Performing Arts Festival. Baratza Room. From May 14th until 16th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Rodrigo Cuevas Concert: Trópico de Covadonga. The show revolves around the concept of time and the cycles of the year. Part of the commemorative events for May 17, Day Against Lesbo-Bi-Gay-Transphobia. Principal Theater. May 15th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Udagora Fest. Film festival that aims to bring the city closer to the youngest through cinema and increase the cultural offer. Villa Suso Palace; Matxete Square. May 15th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Chamber cycle of the Teatro Principal: Alberto Itoiz (flute) + Marion Desjecques (harp). Jesús Guridi Conservatory of Music. May 16th.
  • In Basque Country. International Museum Day. Wide range of activities for several days. May 18th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Bosillo Opera: “Orfeo ed Euridice”. Ortzai Dramatic Art Laboratory. From May 18th until 21st. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • “Xabier Salaberria. An exhibition without architecture“. Artium Center. From May 21st until October 17th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Komedialdia – VG Humor Festival 2021. From May 25th until 30th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
Komedialdia in Vitoria-Gasteiz, May 2021

Komedialdia – Vitoria-Gasteiz Humor Festival 2021

  • Killing is tiring. We only see the cop and the killer, but few people think of the gray, which maintains balance and keeps the other two latent and alive. Principal Theater. May 29th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Big Week of the Pintxo of Álava. Competition between the pintxos (Basque tapas) that the catering establishments present in competition. Participating bars and restaurants. From June 18th to 27th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Traditions and festivities in Vitoria-Gasteiz & Alava in May 2021:

  • Feast of San Prudencio and Our Lady of Estíbaliz.. From April 27th until May 1st. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • IX Historical Wine Fair. Fair designed to learn about the history of wine in the world and highlight the importance of Rioja Alavesa wine. Paired tastings and local products. May 2nd. In Navaridas.
  • XVIII edition of the fair of the perretxiko and cattle of terreña race. Sale of perretxikos in the area. Exhibition and sale of artisan products. Monographic and exhibition of cattle of terreña race. Gastronomic tasting of terreña cow. May 9th. In Kuartango.
  • Celebrations in honor of the Saint. Domingo founded a brotherhood that —more than 900 years later— continues to serve the pilgrims on the French pilgrimage route. Day of his death: May 12th. From May 11th to 13th. In Santo Domingo de la Calzada, Rioja.
  • Agricultural, livestock and crafts fair. Cattle exhibition and contest. Exhibition and sale of artisan and homemade products, agricultural machinery, cheese and txakoli (local and regional). May 15th. In Respaldiza.
  • XXVI Spring Fair. Honey Contest. Sale of honey and local products. May 16th. In Antoñana (Campezo).
  • Miniature Pintxos Congress. Palace of Congresses Europe. In addition to the congress, it has a complete program of activities aimed at both the professional sector and the general public. From June 18th to 27th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Basque sports:

  • EDP Martín Fiz Marathon. Run of about 42 km, through the center and outskirts. May 10th. Pending programming. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • I Euskadi Cycle Tourism Day – Basque Cycling Forum. Europe Conference Center. Francisco de Vitoria Auditorium. May 12th. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Itzulia Women. Cycling race in the UCI Women’s World Tour category. From May 14th to 16th. In Basque Country.
  • Women’s career inside the city. May 31st. Pending programming. In Vitoria-Gasteiz.

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