Agenda of traditions, arts, music, sports, events and exhibitions. Vitoria-Gasteiz & Alava province in March 2021.

We have selected those leisure activities that take place in Vitoria-Gasteiz & Alava in March 2021, that a traveler, tourist, commercial visitor or foreigner can fully enjoy. Theater plays, cultural, sporting or social events focused on local audiences, among others, are not suggested.

Please note that some of the events below may change due to regulations to control Covid-19.

Arts, congresses y exhibitions:

  • Until March 28th. “Windows to the Basque art collection”. Between the years 1850-1950. Artists who introduced the new artistic languages -impressionism, symbolism or Fauvism- in the Basque Country, after passing through Paris and other European capitals. Museum of Fine Arts of Álava..
  • Until March 21st. Exhibition of the Bilbao painter Fernando Garcia Alegria (1895-1952). 2020 marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of Fernando. Museum of Fine Arts of Alava.
  • Until March 21st. “Ignacio Figueroa, Marquis of Villamejor”. A portrait by Joaquín Bárbara y Balza: life and work of an artista recovered [1867–1931]. Museum of Fine Arts of Alava.
  • Until April 11th. Exhibition: Moyra Davey. First solo exhibition of the artist, whose work circulates between the fields of photography, cinema and writing. Basque Contemporary Art Museum, Artium Museum.
  • Until May 2nd. Exhibition June Crespo: Helmets. In her pieces, Crespo works from sculpture with a language that refers to the body and its relationships with architecture. Basque Contemporary Art Museum, Artium Museum.
  • Until May 16th. Juncal Ballestin. Life as an exercise. A selection of best pieces of Juncal Ballestin. Ballestín’s work is characterized by the plurality of materials, media and techniques used: painting, drawing, installation, video, graphic work … all of them structured in series such as the one entitled Painting. Apology, 1975-2013. Basque Contemporary Art Museum. Artium Museum.
Piano hands music

Piano classical music

  • March 2nd Duet Canto Ijurko. Music. Vital Fundazioa Kulturunea.
  • March 4th. Egin Leku! Maialen Aristegi. Music. Oihaneder Euskararen Etxea (Gasteizko Kafe Antzokia).
  • March 5th. Gorria. Music and flamenco dance. Centro Civico Aldabe.
  • March 6th. Orquesta Barroca Il Gardelino. Classical Music. Teatro Principal Theater.
  • March 6th. Bes-Te-Bat!: Cobra. Music. Helldorado.
  • March 7th. Ekomusic. Classical Music with environmentally respectful instruments. Teatro Principal Theater.
  • March 7th. Amak. Music. Auditorio Txema Blasco.
  • March 9th. BlooMsound. Music of Clara Schumann, Eva Ugalde, Augusta E. Stetson, Amy Beach, Carlotta Ferrari, Vittoria Aleotti, J.W. Von Goethe, Fanny Hensel, Lili Boulanger, Gh. Grandmougin. Vital Fundazioa Kulturunea.
  • March 10th. City Band Concert. Teatro Principal Theater.
  • March 12th. En Tol Sarmiento. Basque band music which mixes pop, rock, ska, reggae, rumba and rock-folk. Teatro Principal Theater.
  • March 13th. Kinnia. Music. Rock Urban Concept.
  • March 14th. Charadas. Mix of commedy and contemporary dance. Auditorio Txema Blasco.
  • March 14th. Iker Piris y sus Electras duales. Music. Urban Rock Concept.
  • March 15th. Euskadiko Orkestra. Classical Music Concert. Teatro Principal Theater.
  • March 19th. Ballet du Grand Theatre de Geneve. Ballet and contemporary dance by the Swiss company. Teatro Principal Theater.
  • March 23rd. Proyecto Stratos. Violoncelo and acordion to play music by Bach, Pärt, Gubaidulina and Piazzolla. Vital Fundazioa Kulturunea.
Ecotourism Forum in Vitoria-Gasteiz March 2021

IV Ecotourism Forum. This year it will be online.

  • March 24th and 25th. IV Ecotourism Forum. Palacio de Europa. Online assistance to Ecotourism Forum
  • March 27th. Cancanilla de Málaga. Flamenco Singer. Jesús Ibáñez de Matauco Theatre.
  • March 27th and 28th. Mineral & Fosiles Exhibition. Palacio de Europa.

Regarding traditions and festivities in Vitoria-Gasteiz & Alava in March 2021:

  • March 21st. Olive Oil Fair of Alava. Great opportunity to get to know the world of olive trees and olive oil in the area. Agricultural and food fair. In Moreda de Alava.
  • March 26th. “Friday of Sorrow” A festival originally granted by the Christian Catholic Church to the locals to enjoy meat during Easter. Nowadays a lively market to see Basque farmers showing best of their horses, goats, sheeps, cattle, etc. Exhibit of Basque Traditional Sport of stone pulling by oxes. In Laudio – Llodio.
  • March 28th. Fair of the Basque House. Our best products, such as legumes, vegetables, vegetables, sausages and pork products, honey, preserves, pâté, wine, cider, bread, sweets and cheese, hand in hand with producers in the area. There will also be crafts, musicals, exhibitions of herri-kirolak (Basque rural sport) and dance performances. In Okondo.
  • March 28th. XXI Transparent Agricultural Market. Sale of direct products from farms in Alava. Starring: Álava’s potato. Tasting of seasonal products, demonstration of product development and children’s workshops. En Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • From March 30th to April 4th. We have this year the Holy Week that is celebrated all over the Basque Country and in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Laguardia and other villages images and march in an old traditional penitent dressing (dressing that some foreigners wrongly confused by some foreigners with Ku Klux Clan costumes).

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February 24, 2021