Traditions, arts, music, sports, events & exhibitions agenda of December 2020 in San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa and French Basque Country.

We select for you the best cultural, traditional, festive, sports, professional and exhibition activities that occur in December 2020 in San Sebastian (Spain), Gipuzkoa or French Basque Country.

Please note that some of the events below may change due to regulations to control Covid-19.

Arts, congress and exhibits in December 2020 in San Sebastian or nearby:

  • From November 27th, 2019 to December 2020. Exhibition: “Elkano. The first travel around the world”. The expo claims that the first circumnavigation was possible thanks to Elcano’s initiative and his nautical knowledge. Basque Maritime Museum. In San Sebastian.
  • From December 6th, 2019 until January 30th 2021. Eduardo Chillida: Seeking the light expo. From a trip that the sculptor made in 1963 through Greece, Italy and French Provence in which he discovers new concepts around light and architecture. Chillida Leku Museum. In Hernani.
  • From February 29th to April 5th, 2021. Fashion and Heritage: Cristobal. It puts the focus on Cristóbal Balenciaga himself and the imprint he has left behind as a person through various objects that belonged to him and that have been collected in the Museum’s collections. Part of the annual program for the 125th anniversary of his birth. Cristobal Balenciaga Museum. In Getaria.
  • From July 18th to January 3rd, 2021. Exhibition: La Poterie D’Art de Ciboure 1919 – 1995. Basque Museum of Bayonne. In Bayonne.
Expo La Poterie DArt Ciboure in Bayonne Basque Museum

Expo La Poterie D´Art de Ciboure in Bayonne Basque Museum

  • From September 11th until January 1st, 2021. Zin Ex. From abstraction to algorithm. It focuses on experimental cinema, to complete the city’s cinematic offerings during the San Sebastián Film Festival. Tabakalera International Center for Contemporary Culture. In San Sebastian.
  • On-line fair: from November 9th to December 4th. Segurnet, the professional fair on security and adaptation to pandemic contexts. Ficoba. November 30th and December 1st (in person). In Irun.
  • From November 16th to December 6th. Haute couture techniques in tailoring. Specifically, it will address the realization of certain elements of a plaid wool jacket. The master class will be taught in Spanish. Tutored online course. Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum. In Getaria.
  • From November 27th until February 14th, 2021. Exhibition: Hugo Pratt, Corto Maltese, Dessin Au Long cours. Hugo Pratt (1927-1995), creator of the famous character Corto Maltese. DIDAM. In Bayonne.
  • December 4th and 5th. Les Copines: round of “The Question”. With their love of singing for three, to the detours of inspired and inspiring “traditional” songs. La Luna Negra. In Bayonne.
  • December 4th and 10th. Euskadiko Orkestra – Season of subscription: Enigmatikoa. D. Shostakovich and R. Schumann. Basque Country Symphony Orchestra. Kursaal Auditorium. Concert sessions at 6:00 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. In San Sebastian.
  • December 5th. Hesia urraturik: Xabier Lete in memoriam. Symphonic choral oratorio written by Joxan Goikoetxea to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the death of Xabier Lete. Kursaal Auditorium. At 4 p.m. and at 7:17 p.m. in San Sebastian.
  • December 5th and 6th. Be Veggie. Event on the consumption of 100% plant food and the use of products and services suitable for vegans, beneficial for health, free from animal exploitation and sustainable for the environment. FICOBA. In Irun.
  • December 6th and 8th. Balenciaga with the family. It allows you to enter the exhibition “Fashion and Heritage: Cristóbal” through a game, of the gymkhana type, in which various tests must be passed and that will allow the knowledge and skills of the participating families to be expanded. Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum. In Getaria.
  • December 12th and 13th. The cake dolls. 5th Wedding Fair. Ficoba. In Irun.
  • December 18th, 19th and 20th. FICOAUTO – VIII edition of the Used Vehicle Fair. Vehicles of all segments, ranges and types: pre-owned, management vehicles, Km 0, from fleets and from renting at the best prices of the year. Ficoba. In Irun.
  • December 19th. Al Fondo Riela (lo Otro de Uno). To love each other, it takes two. To dialogue too. Two flamenco guitarists, two guitar virtuosos with an art that dancer Rocío Molina comes to shake up. Michel Portal Theater. Freedom Square. In Bayonne.
  • December 20th. Oldarra – Men’s choir from the Basque Country. Oldarra (which means elk in Basque) is made up of forty amateur singers. He performs, a capella, both religious and secular polyphonic works. Originally, exclusively Basque, the repertoire has expanded to include works from all over the world. Church of Sainte Eugénie. In Biarritz.
  • December 20th, 21st and 22nd. Malandain Ballet Biarritz – La Pastorale (screening at 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.). Between dreamlike Arcadia and overwhelming reality, Thierry Malandain and his 22 dancers offer a magnificent and poignant journey. Gare Du Midi Theatre. In Biarritz.
Ara Malikian in Kursaal Palace, San Sebastian

Ara Malikian in Kursaal Palace, San Sebastian

  • December 26th. Ara Malikian: Le Petit Garage. Kursaal Auditorium. At 4 p.m. and at 7:00 p.m. In San Sebastian.
  • Next opening in January 2021. Ignacio Zuloaga cultural space. Studio of famous Basque pintos of recognized international prestige. Santiago House. Open from April to September. Private visits all year. In Zumaia.

Best Basques traditions and festivities:

  • Every Wednesday. Agricultural Fair. Farm products fair. In Hondarribia.
  • Wednesdays at Damarri Plaza and Saturdays at the Port. Agricultural Fair. Sale of local products. In Ordizia.
  • Every Saturday. Agricultural Fair. Farm products fair. In Tolosa.
  • Every Saturday. Agricultural Fair. Vegetable Fair. In Irun.
  • From November 2nd until December 23rd. The visit to the Olentzero. He is a character in Basque Christmas tradition. Excursion that begins in the Museum of the Basque Iron, then by the park of Mirandaola, in search of Olentzero and ends in the ironworks of Mirandaola. In Mirandaola / Legazpi.
  • From December 1st to 31st. Christmas market. Approximately forty artisans, songs, music, presentations, creative workshop for children … Cinq Cantons Square. In Anglet.
  • From December 1st to 31st. Noël 2020. Local events throughout the city. In Bayonne.
  • From December 1st. until January 7th. Christmas Market. The Buen Pastor Cathedral Square and the Urumea riverside walk. Inspired by Centraleurope Christmas Markets, this Christmas Fair has a wide commercial offer, leisure space, its activities program…. In San Sebastian.
  • From December 4th until 8th. Sagardo Apurua. Little cider. Boulevard (Next to the kiosk). The freshly made cider is transported through the Urumea River to San Sebastian. Afterwards, a party is celebrated on the culture and customs of the cider. In San Sebastian.
  • From December 4th until January 3rd, 2021. Christmas in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Downtown. In Saint Jean de Luz.
  • December 5th. Snail Day. Tasting and tasting snails. Horticultural fair. Exhibition and sale of Basque handicrafts. In Guernica – Lumo.
  • December 6th. Fair of the Ibarri apple. Exhibition and sale of local products. A practical demonstration of how cider was once made is organized. In Errezil.
  • December 12th. Agricultural and livestock fair. XXVI Kontzezio Azoka. Exhibition and sale of various products. Exhibition of cattle. IX Cider contest. In Mendaro.
  • December 12th. Agricultural Fair of Saint Lucia. Contest of birds (chickens and capons), fruits and vegetables. Wine competition of Rioja Alavesa and honey from Gipuzkoa. Crafts Fair. In Urretxu.
  • December 13th. Cattle and agricultural fair of Santa Lucia. Prizes: equine (beef horse fitness, “pottoka”, mountain horse of the Basque Country), birds (chickens and capons), fruits, vegetables, pippin apple. Exhibition of country products, machinery, hardware, crafts, leather goods…. In Zumarraga.
  • December 19th. Christmas Fair. XXII edition. Sale and exhibition of different products. Black pudding contest. In Tolosa.
  • December 20th. FestiOrgues 2020: Christmas concert. Church of Saint John the Baptist. In Saint Jean de Luz.
  • December 21st and 22nd. Feast of St. Thomas. Popular festival with gastronomy, Basque sports, traditional music… waiting for Christmas. In San Sebastian, Azpeitia, Errenteria, Irun, Hondarribia, Usurbil, Arrasate/Mondragón, Mutriko, Tolosa and Lekeitio.
Olentzero in Mirandaola

Olentzero in Mirandaola

  • December 24th. Olentzero, a character in Basque Christmas tradition, will greet the children of San Sebastian before visiting each home to drop off presents. In San Sebastian. Cancelled.
  • December 30th. Christmas Fair. Errezil’s Reineta apple contest. Contest and exhibition of nuts and fruits. Exhibition of turkeys, capons, geese … Sale and exhibition of farm products. In Ordizia.

Basques and others sports in December 2020 in San Sebastian:

  • December 31st. 35th San Silvestre Career. Antiguo Neighborhood (exit) / Easo Place (goal). 8,650 meters by the Antiguo, Gros, Center and Amara. In San Sebastian.

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December 3, 2020