Agenda of traditions, arts, music, sports, events and exhibitions, in Bilbao and Biscay in the month of October 2020.

We have selected those leisure activities that take place in Bilbao and the province of Biscay in October 2020, which a traveler, tourist, commercial visitor or foreigner can fully enjoy. No plays are suggested, nor are cultural, sporting or social events aimed at the local public, or that generate any difficulty of understanding and the complete enjoyment of foreigners.

Please note that some of the events below may change due to regulations to control Covid-19.

Best traditions and festivals in Bilbao and Biscay in October 2020:

  • Every Friday. Peasant market. Exhibition and sale of agricultural products. In Mungia.
  • Every Saturday. Gure Lurreko Merkatuak. Market of products from the villages of Biscay, made in a traditional way by its farmers, with Basque varieties and autochthonous breeds. Slow food, natural and local foods. Arenal sheds in Bilbao.
  • Every Sunday. Flower and plant market. Flowers and plants grown and collected directly by local producers. A melting pot of colors and smells. Arenal sheds in Bilbao.
  • October 3rd. Sukalki Eguna. Cod day. Cod and wine tasting. Horticultural fair. Exhibition and sale of Basque crafts. In Gernika-Lumo.
  • October 3rd. Livestock, agricultural and craft fair. Carranza sheep contest with blond and black faces. Exhibition of local producers: sausages, cheeses, crafts … etc. and producers from other locations: handicrafts, honey, soaps, patés … etc. In Karrantza.
  • October 3rd and 4th. Fishing fair. Kantauri Fest. Fair dedicated to the sea. Seafood (preserves), agricultural products and nautical crafts. It is the largest concentration of vessels in Bizkaia. In Abanto-Zierbena.
  • 4th of October. Deusto agricultural fair. Edition XXXII. Exhibition and sale of agricultural products.
Monumento al Errebombillo en Elorrio Vizcaya - Aitor Delgado tour

Errebombillo monument in Elorrio, Biscay

  • 4th of October. Flaunt the Errebombillos. Pilgrimages and lamb tasting. The origin of this celebration dates back to the 16th century. In Elorrio.
    From October 4th and 5th. Pyrenean beef championship of the Basque Country. Exhibition of livestock equipment, cider, txakoli and cheese stalls, livestock competition, auction, demonstrations related to the rural world … and performance of the bertsolaris. In Gernika-Lumo.
  • October 11th. Feast of the Virgin of Begoña. Song of the ‘Ave de los txikiteros’ in front of the Amatxu niche, located in the La Bolsa building, in the Old Town, and offering of flowers dedicated to the Virgin. Simultaneous concerts will be offered at midday on Plaza Unamuno and Plaza Nueva or Iturribide and Barrenkale streets. And at 8:00 p.m. the song Salve will take place. Cancelled.
  • October the 17th. Festival of Saint Faust. Performances by Bertsolaris, Trikitilaris, Dantzaris, Dulzaineros and Txistularis. Competitions of various kinds, popular meals, mycological exhibitions, pilgrimages or Basque sports activities (herri-kirolak, basketball, archery …). In Durango.
  • October 17th and 18th. Festival of Saint Faust. The emblematic zurrakapote takes center stage at these festivals. In Basauri.
  • October 23rd. Food Fair. International Putxeras Contest during the San Severino festivities. Popular festival since 1971. Popular contest based on beans, bacon, chorizo, rib and blood sausage. In Balmaseda.
  • October 26th. The most important agricultural fair in Gernika. About 900 positions. Contest and exhibition of fruits, vegetables, flowers, cheeses, txakoli and honey. Production of Basque artisan products and exhibition of agricultural machinery. Bertsolaris and parades. Sports activities: tip basket, shovel, ski lift and hand and Basque sports demonstrations. In Gernika-Lumo.

Arts, congresses and exhibitions in Bilbao and Biscay:

  • From October 6th, 2018 to December 30th, 2020. Exhibition: ABC. The alphabet of the Bilbao Museum. This exhibition celebrates the 110th anniversary of the museum. Bilbao Fine Arts Museum.
  • Until December 2020. Exhibition: “J. S. Elkano. On the trail ”. It delves into the biography of Juan Sebastián Elkano (1487 / 88-1526), ​​and allows the visitor to follow his vital trace, before, during and after the first circumnavigation of the Earth. Basque Maritime Museum of Bilbao.
  • February 14th to April 4th, 2021. Olafur Eliasson: In real life. Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson places the viewer’s experience at the center of his art. Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao.
  • From March 6th to October 25th. Lygia Clark Exhibition: Painting as an Experimental Field, 1948-1958. A pioneer of abstraction, the Brazilian Lygia Clark was a fundamental artist of the second half of the 20th century. Guggenheim museum.
  • From September 18th to January 10th, 2021. Exhibition “Lee Krasner: Living color”. Retrospective of the pioneer of North American abstract expressionism Lee Krasner (1908-1984). Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao.
  • From October 1st to 12th. From Gernika to New York, passing through Berlin. Work based on the diary written by the Lehendakari José Antonio Agirre about his trip through exile. Arriaga Theater in Bilbao (October 1st and 2nd), Victoria Eugenia in San Sebastián (October 3rd) and Muxiketabarri in Getxo (October 12th). In Bilbao, Getxo and San Sebastian.
  • From October 2nd to 4th. Retro Classic Bilbao 2020. X Fair of classic, antique and collectible vehicles. BEC y Eventos del Motor, S.L. Bilbao Exhibition Center.
  • From October 2nd to 11th. XI Festival of Humor. Ja! Bilbao is a festival that highlights the importance of humor in the arts, particularly in literature. Sala BBK, Alhóndiga Bilbao, Mercado de la Ribera, Campos Elíseos Theater.
  • October 3rd. Merche Tour 2020 Concert “Esta es”. Euskalduna Palace – Room OB.
  • October 6th. Marco Mezquida: The Dreams of Maurice Ravel. Concert in collaboration between Teatro Arriaga – Bilbaína Jazz Club.
  • From October 14th to December 17th. Second part of the cycle “50 jewels in the history of cinema”. Dedicated to women who have excelled in the world of film editing. Azkuna Zentroa.
50 jewels in the history of cinema. Azkuna Center, Bilbao, Biscay.

50 jewels in the history of cinema. Azkuna Center, Bilbao, Biscay.

  • From October 15th to 18th. X Used Vehicle Fair. Pre-owned cars, management, fleet and renting vehicles, and kilometer zero. Bilbao Exhibition Center.
  • October 16th. IZARO’s concert presenting his new LP entitled “Limones en Invierno”. Palacio Euskalduna – Auditorium.
  • October 16th. MASS: Choral works. From the Swedish-American composer Steve Dobrogosz. Bilbao Choral Society and Bilbao Sinfoneta. Arriaga Theater.
  • October the 17th. XII Bilbao Japan Weekend. For fans of manga, anime and Japanese culture. Bilbao Exhibition Center.
  • October 17th and 18th. Acrobat and Harlequin. Opera for children. A show that unites the universe of Picasso with music. Arriaga Theater.
  • From October 17th to April 1st, 2021. Celebrate! Online 2020. Photography and video of brands, restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, DJs, jewelry stores, florists, wedding planners, rental of properties and unique places, tents and catering, beauty and hairdressing centers, gifts and details, vehicle rental . Bilbao Exhibition Center.
  • From October 15th to 25th. The BAD Festival of Contemporary Theater and Dance focuses its attention on new trends in the performing arts, with special attention to the works of living authors and the dialogue between the arts and other media such as music, video and performance. Bilborock Hall, the Campos Theater and its Dome Hall, Harrobia, the Museum of Reproductions and La Foundry.
  • October 18th. Mikel Urdangarin solo concert accompanied only by the piano. Euskalduna Palace – Room OB.
  • From October 19th to 23rd. Bilbao Seriesland. International Festival of Digital Series of the Basque Country. Meeting between independent content creators.
  • From October 22nd to 25th. Basque DokFestival. Documentary photography festival. Exhibitions, workshops and conferences. Bizkaia Aretoa. Cancelled.
  • October 24th and 25th. Bilbao Open House. Bilbao open door festival in more than 45 buildings to better understand the city through its architecture and urban planning. Free guided tours.
  • From October 26th to 29th. BIME Live 2020. Biscay International Music Experience is an international meeting of professionals from sectors that work around music. Concerts, talks, round tables, debates, conventions, lectures, fairs and trainings are the ingredients that make up this international event for the unprecedented music industry in Spain. Bilbao Exhibition Center.
  • October 27th. Concert by the Basque pianist Antonio Oyarzabal. With the company of the soprano Ariadna Martínez and the actress Karmele Larrinaga. Arriaga Theater.
Antonio Oyarzabal - Arriaga Theatre, Bilbao, Biscay

Antonio Oyarzabal – Arriaga Theatre, Bilbao, Biscay

  • From next November 20th to May 30th, 2021. Kandinsky at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Paintings and works on paper and trace the aesthetic evolution of Kadinsky throughout his career.
  • From next January 29th, 2021 to August 29th, 2021. Exhibition: Bilbao and painting. Selection of paintings made by artists who worked in Bilbao in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • From April 30th, 2021 to September 19th, 2021. The exhibition “The Roaring Twenties” focuses on Berlin and Paris, but also includes looks at other avant-garde spots, such as Vienna and Zurich. It is a cooperation between the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and Kunsthaus Zürich.

Basque sports in Bilbao and Biscay in October 2020:

  • October 12th. Bilbao Menditrail. Sports event that takes place in the surroundings of Bilbao, its green belt and its most emblematic peaks.
  • October 24th. Bilbao Night Marathon. Three different events: the marathon (42 kilometers), the half marathon (21 kilometers) and the popular race (10 kilometers) through the heart of the city. Departure: San Mamés. Arrival: Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Cancelled.

There are other leisure options that we can suggest during our tours, more tailored to your interests and type of trip, whether as a family, partner, group of friends, or for business. Do not doubt to ask me!

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September 22, 2020