Bilbao is the most populous city on the north coast of Spain, and throughout the Bay of Biscay. It is known around the world mainly for the impressive architecture of the Guggenheim museum, and its exquisite exhibitions and collections of contemporary art. Besides, its industrial modernization process is studied and has been awarded internationally not only for its urban development and new architecture; but also for innovation, identity, governance, social and environmental issues. Please read this post with interest before taking a private tour of Bilbao, and then ask us to expand on the topics of your interest on your excursion.

The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, just a few minutes from the Guggenheim, is an excellent complement for lovers of painting and sculpture; especially those interested in internationally renowned Basque local artists such as Chillida, Oteiza and Zuloaga, or Spaniards such as Goya, El Greco and Zurbaran. At least two and a half hours of visits must be devoted to each of the two main museums of the city; and you can organize the tour according to your favorite works, authors or themes, among others of your preference.

If you do not know the 7 streets of the Old Town of Bilbao, the San Anton bridge, and the estuary, you can only say that you have been in the city, but you cannot assure that you know it well. If appart of those, you visit the neighborhoods of Bilbao La Vieja and El Ensanche, and you know their stories and ways of life, you can already ensure that you know the city of Bilbao and some of the Bilbao people. Let us know what you are interested in knowing about each neighborhood and we will tell you through these particular areas, having at least one hour in each one.

To meet the people of Bilbao, you have to go to eat pintxos and drink wine in their favorite restaurants and bars, so if you want to include any in your private tour, tell us to suggest the most suitable to your food diet and what you should not miss if you like to try the local flavors. The Plaza Nueva, Casco Viejo or Postas Street, are places where you can enjoy these exquisite delicacies.

Opera, classical music, theater, musical, painting or sculpture exhibitions, the book fair, traditional dances, Basque sports, … are a daily part of Bilbao’s leisure, and a selection of them can be found in our agenda of traditional festivals, and cultural and sports activities. Many of these events are held in the Arriaga Theater, the Euskalduna Palace, the estuary of Bilbao, or in one of its main squares or streets.

Other aspects that generate international interest about Bilbao and therefore it is also a reason to come here are: its well-known Athletic football team, the Punta Galea Challenge surf event from October to March, its Basque Fest during Holy Week in March or April, the Art Week in May, its Jazz Festival in Gexto in July, the Big Week party in August, the Red Bull Diving Competition in September, the October Night March, the Documentary Film Festival and the International Gymnastic Ceremony in November.

Other travelers have been interested in the stay of President Jon Adams or the writer Hemingway in the city, or knowing why there is a Field of the English, or how the industrial life of the town has been. Other people has also loved to know about many attractions near the city such as the Vizcaya Suspension Bridge (which is a World Heritage Site), the Museum of Luxury Cars in Torre Loizaga, or the province the town of Gernika (the one which inspired for Guernica in Picasso’s painting). Be sure to tell us any desires even if this is very unusual. Sure we can help you!.

Bilbao was born in a river ford, hence its name, and today it already has 13 bridges!

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November 21, 2019