We have selected those leisure activities happening in Biarritz and nearby in November 2020, that a traveler, tourist, commercial or foreign visitor can fully enjoy. Theaters plays, or cultural, sport or social events focused on the local public, among others, are not suggested.

Please note that some of the events below may change due to regulations to control Covid-19.

  • From July 18th to January 3rd, 2021. Exhibition: La Poterie D’Art de Ciboure 1919 – 1995. Basque Museum of Bayonne. In Bayonne.
  • November 1st. Biarritz en chamades – Organ Festival. Laurent Riboulet (organ of Biarritz) and Marie Claire Delay (soprano). Video projection of the artist. Church of Saint Martin. In Biarritz.
  • From November 2nd until 11th. Week of restaurants allows you to enjoy delicious menus for a fixed and attractive price. They offer a lunch at 20 € and a dinner at 30 €, including an appetizer, a dish and a dessert, excluding drinks. Reservation directly to the restaurant you have chosen. In Biarritz.
  • November 3rd, 6th, 10th, 13th, 17th, 20th, 24th and 27th. Market. Halls. Boulevard Victor Hugo. In Saint Jean de Luz.
  • November 5th to 6th. Innobat Lounge. 22nd edition. Exhibition for construction professionals, is hosting ENERGIKA for the 4th time, the electricity, heating and sanitary trade fair. Iraty Hall. In Biarritz.
CIRQUE ELOIZE HOTEL Cartel - Gare Du Midi - Biarritz November 2020

Cirque Eloize: Hotel. Gare Du Midi. Biarritz November 2020

  • November 13th. Cirque Eloize – Hotel. Hotel – where acrobatics follow one another at a frantic pace to the sound of live music. Gare Du Midi Theatre. In Biarritz.
  • From November 13th until 15th. Lurrama – Basque Farm – public lounge at Iraty Hall. Lurrama is the showcase of agriculture in the Basque Country and the steps that drive it to excellence: the tent of animals, the farmer’s market and lots of entertainment. In Biarritz.
  • November 21st. Pozgarria Da. With L’ensemble 0, the expression “contemporary music” means something quite different !. Inspired by indie, pop or techno music, the ensemble invites Petar Klanac for a world creation inspired by Basque culture. Michel Portal Theater. Freedom Square. In Bayonne.
  • November 21st and 22nd. Wedding Salon. This Salon is the biggest event “Marriage” South Aquitaine. Casino Municipal. In Biarritz.
  • From November 27th until February 14th. Exhibition: Hugo Pratt, Corto Maltese, Dessin Au Long cours. Hugo Pratt (1927-1995), creator of the famous character Corto Maltese. DIDAM. In Bayonne.

It is likely that there are other leisure options that we can suggest during our tours, more adjusted to your interests and type of trip you make, whether family, couple, group of friends, business, do not hesitate to ask me!

May you have already selected the dates of your stay in Biarritz or the French Basque Country in November 2020 and want a tour fully adjusted to your time and needs, contact me.

October 23, 2020