You can complement your leisure by enjoying some culture or sports activities in April 2022, during your visit or stay in any Basque province.

I have selected for you the Basque Culture events in April 2022 that I believe make you understand and know the locals better.

It is very likely that the events have some adjustment due to the Covid-19 regulations. I did not forget it.

Enjoy Basque Culture in San Sebastian and Guipuzkoa

  • Balenciaga: the elegance of the hat. Exhibition resulting from a joint investigation of the collections of hats of the Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum and the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona. Cristobal Balenciaga Museum. October 29th, 2021 to May 8th, 2022. In Getaria.
  • Thomas J Price. Reaching Out. Chillida-Leku Museum. From February 17th, 2022 to May 30th. In Hernani.
  • Walk by a sculpture forest. Permanent exhibition of Chillida’s work. Chillida-Leku Museum. From February to December, 2022. In Hernani.
  • XXV edition Verdel day. Popular tasting of greenfish. Cofradía de Pescadores de San Pedro. Exhibition of photographs and posters. Punta basket in the Miruaitz pediment. Artisans and Creators Fair, and gastronomic products. Sailing championship. April 2nd. In Mutriku.
  • Rozalén: ‘The tree and the forest’. Kursaal Auditorium. April 2nd. In San Sebastián.
  • XXI Half marathon of San Sebastian: 21,097 km. Paseo de La Concha and Avenida de La Zurriola. April 3rd.
  • Bach: ‘The passion according to Saint Matthew’. Il Gardellino Baroque Orchestra, Vocalconsort Berlin and Easo Eskolania. Kursaal Auditorium. April 4th. In San Sebastian.
  • San Sebastian Dance Festival. National urban and contemporary dance choreographic championship. Kursaal Auditorium. April 10th.
  • Easter is celebrated all over the Basque Country from April 14th until 18th this year, and these are the best places to see something different in your visit: Segura (Gipuzkoa) and Balmaseda (Biscay). These have famous living performance by locals representing the last days of Jesus Christ life from the 1600s.
  • Ham Fair. For Bayonne, the ham fair is a highlight, convivial, unmissable, the honor of a terroir and traditional craftsmanship. Quais of Nive. From April 15th until 17th. In Bayonne.
  • All Star basket (Cesta punta). Jai Alai. From April 19th to 28th. In Saint Jean de Luz.
  • Ghost the Musical. Bustamante and Ricky Merino will alternate in the role of the unforgettable Sam. Kursaal Auditorium. April 22nd, 23rd and 24th. In San Sebastian.
  • Ensemble Musikene. Mozart vs Brahms cycle. Victoria Eugenia Theatre. April 24th. In San Sebastian.
  • Sara Baras: Soul. Where flamenco embraces bolero. Kursaal Auditorium. April 30th and May 1st. In San Sebastian.

Basque Culture activities in Bilbao in April 2022

  • “Guernica” by Agustín Ibarrola. This new acquisition is an emblematic work of Basque art and of the painter’s production, and it was also one of the most significant episodes in the museum’s recent history. Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao. From October 18th, 2021 until June 26th.
  • 25th Anniversary of the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. Extensive program of exhibitions and music, dance, light shows, choirs and recitals. From February 7th, 2022 to December 31st.
  • Exhibition: “From Fauvism to Surrealism: 70 masterpieces from the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris (MAM)”. Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. From February 11th until May 22nd.
  • Exhibition: “Jean Dubuffet: Fervent Celebration”. Made up of funds from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice. Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. From February 25th until August 21st.
  • Gutun Zuria Festival: Bilbao International Festival of Letters. Meeting of international, national and local writers with the public, in a format of talks that is close and open to conversation. Azkuna Zentroa. From March 28th to April 2nd.
  • Motion. Cars, Art, Architecture. The relevance of the automobile in relation to the history of art and design of the last century. Norman Foster Foundation. Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. From April 8th to September 18th.
  • Basque Fest. Exhibitions of art, dance and street theater, children’s entertainment, craft fairs, concerts, samples of Basque design and traditional sports exhibitions. From April 13th until 17th.
  • Basque Fest Gourmet. Exhibition space of tourist regions of Euskadi with information about its destinations and its enogastronomic attractions, free express tastings, workshops and activities. From April 14th until 16th.
  • Alfredo Rodriguez Trio. Cuban pianist nominated for a Grammy and considered one of the great talents of international Jazz. Arriaga Theatre. April 19th.
  • Quijano Coffee: ‘Manhattan Tour 2022’. Euskalduna Palace. April 24th.
  • Menditrail. Sports event around Bilbao, its green ring and its most emblematic peaks: 21 km race, mountain walk, 9 km race and photo contest. April 24th.

Basque Culture events in Vitoria-Gasteiz in April 2022

  • A place to think. Schools and experimental educational art practices in the Basque Country, 1957-1979. Collaboration with the Jorge Oteiza Museum Foundation. Artium Museo – Contemporary Art Museum of the Basque Country. From January 21st to June 5th.
  • The Napoleonic Market. It gathers, during a whole weekend, more than 140 stalls of gastronomy and local products. In addition there are activities, performances, theaters, parades, recreations and characters from the time of the French occupation for all audiences. Arriaga Park. From April 1st until 3th.
  • Itzulia Basque Country – 61st edition Cycling Tour of the Basque Country. From April 4th to 9th. In Amurrio / Eibar / Hondarribia / Laudio/Llodio / Mallabia / Vitoria-Gasteiz / Zamudio.
  • ICOFF Gasteiz: International Short Film Festival. The best short films in the world, winners of the most important competitions and awards: Oscar, Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Clermont-Ferrand, European Film Awards… State fiction, documentary or animation short films; and Section dedicated to short films from the Basque and Alava fields. From April 4th to 9th.
  • Malandain Ballet Biarritz: Symphony and Sirènes. Principal Theater. April 9th.
  • Feast of San Prudencio and Our Lady of Estíbaliz. Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Armentia on April 28th, and Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Estíbaliz on May 1st. From April 27th until May 1st.

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March 15, 2022